Extended Warranty to 14 months (Valid for Renewed S9/Note 9 Series)

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  • The warranty period for our Renewed devices is 6 months
  • This extended warranty will increase the warranty period up to 14 months.
  • Warranty must be purchased in the same order as the device and cannot be bought after the fact
  • Each device would need 1x extended warranty bought with it to be valid.
  • Extended warranty will have the exact same terms as our regular device warranty located here https://renewablemobile.supply/warranty/ however the length will be extended to 14 months and the battery warranty will be extended to 6 months.
  • Only eligible for the model mentioned in the name
  • Screen burn is not covered under extended warranty



Why 14 months?

With refurbished stock the warranty starts when we sell the device to the dealer, 14 months allows the shop to be able to resell the device and still offer their customer a 12 month warranty.


What happens if I don’t check out with the same QTY of devices as I have warranties?

We will allocate them at random on your invoice if you haven’t bought sufficient extended warranties 

e.g. if you buy 5x iPhone 8 but only 3 Extended warranties, we will pick 3 IMEI’s at random and apply them at time of sale.


*This item is for warranty only, price does not include the device.




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