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Dear Valued Resellers & Dealers,
Wishing everyone a great new financial year, I’m sure we’d all agree that last year was a rollercoaster ride across all industries, with a lot of ups and downs in the economy due to COVID-19, bushfires, drought, etc. Hopefully, we are in for a more stable FY 2020-2021. On a brighter note, I’m sure we have all seen an amazing market trend in the past 9-15 months gearing towards pre-owned devices which have only strengthened by the COVID-19 epidemic. Yes, of course, there have always been used phones in the market, however, in the past, I believe it has been categorized as a “dirty industry” for phone shops to trade in and has been viewed as a “pawnbroker” industry. Over the last year, we have seen immense success from businesses that have taken on pre-owned devices in their repair stores and as such, the majority of the industry is now gearing in this direction which in turn changes the mindset of the public. Alongside the repair industry, you will have also noticed that over this period all three major carriers have been backing the re-marketing of pre-owned phones. So, with this in mind, we have decided to expand our business portfolio and broaden our product range to include Renewed devices & associated services!

I’m humbled to be working alongside co-founder Stephen Harrison in our new project, The Renewable Mobile Group, which revolves around the buyback, refurbishing, and re-marketing of pre-owned devices. Renewable Mobile & Pimp My Gadget will work alongside each other as sister companies to add extra value to your repair shop.Don’t worry, all of the Pimp team you have grown to love will still be here along with the addition of some new “Renewables”. Operationally there won’t be any changes that will affect you, you’ll still be able to source all your parts, accessories, and advanced repair needs through us. We’ll be substantially increasing our stockholding of parts, especially in the Samsung Service Centre Pack range as we understand that lack of sufficient inventory has troubled some of you in the past. We’ve also gained substantial access to ex-carrier/corporate/Government pre-owned devices and currently have 300-600 devices arriving every week with higher forecasts ahead. For us, it’s all about trying to help the Aussie reseller market stay strong and for the independent repair stores to be able to remain viable for decades to come, no matter what the world brings us.
Kind Regards, Andrew Gardiner

The Renewable Mobile Group was created by a group of passionate professionals who wanted to make a sustainable environmental difference, in an industry where e-waste is common practice. With over 150 million smart devices being dumped in landfill every year, the impact on the environment is devastating and the effects imposed on the developing nations to which much of this e-waste is shipped is ruinous.The Renewable Mobile Group (or ‘Renewables’ as we like to be known) is fuelled by our desire to find an alternative solution; to provide you with an alternative option to buying brand new and to stop adding to the destruction of our planet.We have created a movement to encourage people to use things more than once. To re-cycle and to re-new is our mantra. We understand that mobile devices are an essential part of life for us all, but it’s time to consider the repercussions of buying new.We have based our business at the Brisbane Airport business park where we have direct access to freight carriers and forwarders. This allows us to have a late pickup from our warehouse at 6pm (Last orders by 5.30pm) for customers who require overnight delivery. (NSW/VIC/QLD/NT/WA/SA/TAS). The Renewable Mobile Group has a solid team of professionals with more than 30 years experience within the Telco/mobile industry and spans across distribution, repair, warranty and sales channels across Australia and NZ.


Stephen Harrison 25 + years experience within the telco industry.
Veteran of the Industry, Steve was one of the founders of the Cellnet group (CLT) back in the early 90s and grew that business into a market leader which eventually listed on the ASX with Mac bank in 2000.
Cellnet was a leading distributor of IT&T products and brands and had numerous contracts with carriers and major retailers across the country. He was CEO until 2010 at which time he resigned to pursue overseas interests and spent time in UK and Singapore working within the industry on numerous projects for various companies.
He recently returned and established Renewable group with a vision and strategy to become a major end to end distributor of renewed devices with a sustainable & eco friendly ethos across ANZ.
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Andrew Gardiner 12 + years of experience within the telco industry.
Andrew has been operating within various facets of the mobile phone industry since 2008, primarily focusing on the wholesale repair space. He observed that the worldwide trend is not only limited to consumer repair, thus he believed that the industry was also starting to unveil its future in the recycling and re-marketing of pre-loved devices.
Always relentless on exploring new opportunities and challenging boundaries, he co-founded The Renewable Mobile Group to overcome the apparent quality issues within the Australian used device and parts supply industry from suppliers who are simply trading as a commodity without a commitment to quality and service.
The move strengthened its current parts distribution channel supplying genuine and aftermarket repair parts to major repair chains and independent repair stores and helped evolve into becoming a leading supplier of advanced repair and data recovery services to the mobile phone reseller industry around Australia.
Steve’s vision of launching “The Renewable Mobile Group” struck a chord that had to be explored which morphed into a synergy of commercial direction and environmental support.
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