Renewable Mobile is committed to Recycling and Re-using.
Making a Difference starts with YOU.

Why use RMG?

Free return courier label – We will organise to have your old screens picked up at no cost to you.

10% extra on top of already the best pricing in the market via the Get 10 or Give 10 Promo.
For July, August and September we will be giving you the option to choose an extra 10% credit or get payed in cash for 10% less.

Eg ($3k value returned to RMG Get $3300 in credit to use OR get $2700 payed to you in cash).
This is on top of the best buy back prices in the market checked via our daily market research tool.

– We do the heavy lifting for you by evaluating the stock and reporting back with the results so all you need to do is roughly count the amount of screen returning so we can give you the correct return label.

– RMG is Aussie Owned and Operated, your money stays here and is re invested here!

Don’t buy brand new, just re-new

The Renewables love their mobile devices just as much as you do, but they love their planet more.  So it’s time to consider a recycled option.  We buy second hand at every turn – think cars, houses, clothes, so why not mobile devices?  The Renewables offer you the latest smart phone device at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. We provide you, your family or your business with a cheaper, alternative, mobile solution and reduce the impact on our environment at the same time.  It’s that simple.

The Renewable Alternative

When you buy a mobile device from the Renewable Mobile Group you know that it has been through a rigorous testing and data cleansing process.  This amounts to a journey; hours of work to ensure that every device is as good as its brand new counterpart.


The Renewables Process

Step 1

Sourcing Devices is the key to our business model, as the saying goes, “Stock is King” and over the years we have built strong relationships & agreements with some of the major Corporations, Retailers, E-tailers, Government & Education departments around the country. We deliver our end to end solution by providing secure & legal compliance, certified data – erasure as well as freight pick up via our carriers. Technical support & repair is supported via our in house team coupled with a comprehensive pricing matrix to maximize your ROI.

Step 2

Your device is evaluated and data cleansed using Accredited software which means all Data is wiped and New software uploaded. At this stage the device also goes through a 50 point diagnostics process to ensure all functions are working and functional inc Battery, Cameras, charge ports, speakers, home button, vibrator and LCD Screen to name just a few. Should any of these functions fail then the device is diverted into our Technical dept for evaluation .

Step 3

The device will then be cosmetically graded, depending upon its usability this will affect where your device ends up.  It may be repaired, software updated, recycled or alternatively it may be used for spare parts.

Step 4

This step marks the beginning of a lengthy process of repair, dismantling and recycling. We call this process the Donor stage and parts can be used to repair other devices that have failed. Should the device be totally unusable then we classify this as a recyclable device and which is then sent to an Australian owned authorised recycler to break down into precious metals and plastic to be reused in other products.

Step 5

Your device is fully sanitised and “Renewed” to perfection, then custom packaged along with compatible accessories and warranty information that is supplied specifically for your device.

Step 6

Your device is then distributed through our comprehensive dealer network, Australia-wide.

The finished product is a fully certified & tested “Renewed” product with a limited 6 month warranty support and a 14 day money back guarantee.
The total process normally takes approx 7 days from arrival of device to dispatch and is handled by at least 5 different departments during the entire process. Not as simple as it sounds right.

Let’s not make do, or buy brand new – let’s just re-new

And so, the Renewables call on you to help make a difference.  You can continue to use the most up to date of mobile device and still make a difference.  We believe that businesses can be a vehicle to achieve good things and by providing you with a fully supported, certified recycling alternative solution, we can make a positive impact on the lives of people and the environment.

Have any questions for us? Then get in touch!

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