Auction Sellers FAQ’s

  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Financial leasing Companies
  • Reverse Logistic Companies
  • Dealer Repair Companies

We sell bulk surplus merchandise including returns, EOL, refurbished, used, retail-ready, warranty returns, etc. Our products include the following Mobile devices, Mobile accessories, Computer/laptops, computer accessories and consumables to name a few.

Step One: Register
Registering as a seller on Renewable Auctions is free and easy. Simply complete the dealer application here and depending on the information you submit you will receive a response confirming your membership within 24 to 72 business hours.

Step Two: Submit Assets
Using the Auction submission form

Step Three: Confirmation
We’ll come back to you within 1 business day to confirm if the auction lot is accepted and provide a go live date.

Step Four: Ship Assets
Once the B2B auction has closed, the seller will prepare and ship the assets to the buyer using our shipping and logistics service.

Visit the link below to reset your password.
You may also email us on or call 1800 751907 for password reset assistance.

We target a liquidation value of at least $500 per lot. The Asset Sales Plan created by your Sales Executive will help to validate the best lot sizes to meet this objective.

To make sure items get competitive bids and sell quickly, sellers should:

  • Have an attractive lot size so buyers are getting value and make a bid. Minimum value of the lot should be $500
  • Provide a detailed and accurate product description and manifest, including accurate quantity and condition codes
  • Attach clear pictures of the actual items in the auction and the packaging in which the buyer will receive them

We operate on a “marketplace pricing” model. Most auctions start at a minimum of $500, with no reserve, and are sold to the highest bidder. This leads to more competitive bidding by our hundreds of registered buyers. Some auctions qualify for a reserve price. Contact your assigned Sales Executive to discuss the reserve price for your auctions.

An Asset Sales Plan is a plan that is developed by our Sales and Marketing team. This plan will include initial price for items, lot size, auction duration, and marketing tools to promote the auction. Once you submit your Item information, you will be contacted by your Sales Executive to review the plan.

We monitor all aspects of the auction and transaction process from beginning to end, including due diligence, asset promotion, payment collection, warehousing, inventory verification and labelling, shipping and logistics if required

We will remit payment to you, net of any commission and fees due, within 5 business days of the buyer receiving the merchandise.

All payment information will be stored and processed using our secure server. All the data is transferred in an encrypted format, and it can only be decrypted by the processing bank or by us.

If the winning bidder fails to pay, we will contact the second highest bidder to determine whether or not he/she is still interested in purchasing your merchandise. If the second highest bidder is not interested in purchasing the merchandise, we will contact you to discuss other options, including re-listing your merchandise.

The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs including duties and taxes for shipments.

Once the buyer’s payment has been made they will liaise with us to book pick up.

A buyer can file a dispute if he/she believes that the merchandise received does not conform to the information provided by the seller at the time of the bid. To start the dispute process, the buyer must complete a dispute form, we will investigate the matter, and we will decide upon a resolution that must be followed by both the buyer and the seller. Buyers must conduct an inspection of the goods and submit a dispute within a reasonable time following receipt, preferably within 2 business days. We will complete dispute resolution within 10 days of receipt. All parties must abide by the dispute resolution provided by RA.

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